Susan’s favorite lessons from Grown-ups Don’t Skip

There are a lot of fun stories, lessons, thinking assignments, and ramblings in Grown-ups Don’t Skip. Here are my some of my favorite highlights. I hope they will inspire you to start thinking a bit differently.

Change your thinking and your actions (and emotions) will follow 

Enjoy your ice cream

This was the lesson where you learn to stand up for yourself. If you want an ice cream but everyone else is ordering a burger, order the dang ice cream. Don’t let others make your decisions. Have the courage to stand up for what YOU want.

Nothing personal

Kids don’t take things personally. They don’t hold grudges, seek revenge, or read deep thoughts into a simple hello. A mistake is a boo boo, not a personal failure. Kids have fun, and then go home, no strings attached. This is especially important when it comes to dating. Kids aren’t interested in developing life long relationships. All they want is someone to play with.

So what do you do?

To me, this is one of the most useful tools in the book, and I use it all the time. By simply asking what someone does for fun instead of for work, summarizes the entire purpose of Grown-ups Don’t Skip. It changes our focus from the adult thinking of responsibility, and work, to a place where we can discover the passion, pleasure, and fun activities of others. Using for fun in a social conversation is like the ball kids use on the playgrounds. It becomes the object that we can all relate to. It helps us create a common bond with others, and opens the door that allows us to come out and play. Rember to ask “So what do you do for fun?”

The scarey jellybean

How can you forget a vomit flavored jelly bean? When life presents you with a flavorful bowl of opportunities, do you join in, participate, and embrace the unknown? Or do you let your fears win refuse to take a chance? Fun is within your reach, but it is up to you to take what the world has to offer.


About Susan Sherbert

You can’t be sad, or depressed, and smile at the same time. I hope my witty yet quirky humor makes you smile and that my creative content makes you think. If that happens then I have achieved success.
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