How to tell a house from a home

A fun little book for homeowners and real estate brokers

how to tell a house from a home

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“Okay, do you want to know the fastest way to tell a house from a home? Look in the frig. If there is a bottle of ketchup and a beer it’s a house. If you don’t recognize the leftover stuffed in the back corner, it’s a home.

Chapter One…

House, home. What’s the difference? Sometimes it’s not easy to tell. It’s not like they come with birth certificates. And you can’t simply look at some private part and say “Yep! There’s the difference right there. It’s a house!”

You can tell a lot about people by the way they speak, so I thought that if we tried looking at our language, maybe, we might be able to discover the difference between a house and a home. Let’s see now, you go out house hunting but you have no intentions of actually shooting a house. You get a home loan and then go out and buy a house and when you are home sick, it can’t be cured with a house call.

I know, I know, it’s confusing. Let me run a few more confusing ideas by you that wayyou will be so totally mixed up that you won’t care about either a house or a home. How come . . . .

• You’re called a housewife but you’re not married to a house

• Homemakers don’t make or build homes

• A house warming has nothing to do with the temperature of a house

• A house guest is never actually invited by a house

• Home on the range does not refer to the stove

• Home economics has nothing to do with the cost of a house

So if you live in a house, download this book and read it on the go. If you live in a home, download this book and enjoy it by the fire.

This book available on Amazon


About Susan Sherbert

You can’t be sad, or depressed, and smile at the same time. I hope my witty yet quirky humor makes you smile and that my creative content makes you think. If that happens then I have achieved success.
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