Note from the author

I just want to say that I am super excited about Grown-ups Don’t Skip. If you could see me, I’d be jumping for joy. Why? Because fun is a childish emotion and I can’t contain the enthusiasm for what you are about to read.

This book has the potential to change your life. As an adult I realize that statement is a bit bold and that there are a lot of obstacles that will get in the way, but the child in me can’t help but see the possibility of good things to come. And that is what this book is all about. Learning to find the balance between living in the grown-up world while still thinking like that excited little child.

I hope you enjoy this book.

Susan Sherbert



About Susan Sherbert

You can’t be sad, or depressed, and smile at the same time. I hope my witty yet quirky humor makes you smile and that my creative content makes you think. If that happens then I have achieved success.
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